Design with freedom
For decades, architects have been challenged with the trade offs between specifying wood, concrete or steel for mid-to high rise projects. The physical, code and quality limitations associated with wood frame, and the cost premium associated with conventional steel and concrete construction have left a void in the urban skyline. That void, between five stories where wood reaches its maximum height, and below twelve stories – where steel and concrete typically becomes economically viable, is where ConXtech delivers the ultimate structural solution.

ConX offers a revolutionary integrated structural system without compromising architectural style. Highly configurable and flexible, the ConX System is able to accommodate variable-bay spacing and floor heights. Typically, up to eight floors can be designed, without a requirement for shear walls or cross bracing. Architects can now maximize exterior openings, infinitely configure interior spaces, and create multi-story interior volumes with unprecedented freedom.

Perhaps the single most important benefit for architects in the high-density residential space is the freedom to place a ConXR structure on a flat concrete podium without the necessity to align the load path of the ConXR structure above the podium, with the concrete columns supporting the podium below. This enables completely independent layout of the residential and parking grids and the opportunity to optimize of both.

ConXtech can provide guidelines to assist design teams in understanding and most efficiently utilizing the ConX System. Please contact us at and let us know what type of project you are considering.

Design faster – Focus on function and aesthetics
The simple modular components of the ConX System along with our software toolkit ConXCAD, gives architects the ability to select the structural grid early on in the design process, yet make adjustments to that grid with minimal re-work, as the design evolves. Architects can now allocate more of their time and creativity to the functionality and aesthetic details of a project rather than the structural engineering requirements.

Design higher – Give your clients more units
Zone permitting, the ConX System also gives your clients higher buildings without many of the traditional structural considerations and constraints. New types of high-density, mixed-use structures especially for inner city, redevelopment, and urban infill projects become fiscally and structurally feasible —structures that are more efficient and more rapidly delivered.

Design stronger – Reduce your E&O risk
ConX is designed to efficiently manage gravity loads and seismic forces among its interconnected columns and beams. The unique moment connection with bolted collar system efficiently handles severe lateral loads, such as those produced by earthquakes. This core benefit is a vitally important factor in seismically active areas around the world, where integrating architectural design with conventional structural systems is always a challenge.