ConXtech® can lower the risk for Design Build, EPC and other Contractors by offering a predictable, robust and sustainable structural steel building system called ConX. Often referred to as a Full-Scale Erector Set™, ConX is a faster, better, safer and greener steel framing solution when compared with conventional steel or concrete. Innovative steel connection design, technology and automated processes from concept through delivery, all contribute toward unprecedented quality, efficiency and structural performance of ConX buildings.

The unique and robust bi-axial moment collar design makes ConXtech’s steel connection system especially well suited for geographies with high seismic demands and where UFC requirements for blast and progressive collapse resistance are applicable. Healthcare, data centers, military facilities and compounds (including high density housing), federal office buildings, as well as a variety of industrial applications can all benefit from the ConX System.

ConXtech brings fully tested, AISC and OSHPD approved connection technology to the building industry. A finite number of precisely manufactured connectors, components and assemblies can be manufactured to achieve even the most demanding structural and aesthetic design criteria. The company employs BIM tools, CNC machining and robotic welding to streamline structural design and manufacturing, through field assembly processes. This systemized approach not only accelerates construction, but results in simple yet high performance structures.

Benefits of the ConX® System 

  • Predictability in cost and schedule
  • Inherently seismic, blast and progressive collapse resistant. Meets ATFP progressive collapse and blast loading requirements without a cost premium over gravity systems or comparable field welded moment frame systems
  • Bi-Axial Moment Frame/Space Frame. No shear walls or brace frames means reduced congestion for floor plans and layout
  • Infinite configurability. The same robust ConX moment collar solution for nearly every primary connection in every structure
  • No field welding required – Substantially accelerates process by increasing labor productivity and lowering risk in dangerous (potentially volatile) environments
  • Vastly reduced lead times due to a finite set of ConX components, design simplicity and steel members which are readily available
  • A greener solution than any conventional alternative. Lighter structure, efficiently built, lower CO2 emissions overall, vastly reduced manpower in the field
  • Design and regulatory approval simplicity compared to conventional alternatives (essentially two primary connector systems)
  • Reconfigurable as needs evolve. Potential for disassembly and re-assembly of structures

For an example of the benefits, watch this video of a ten-story portable tower assembled in three days.