Build Higher – Higher density increases profits
The ConX® System is specifically designed for the four to twelve story market, where wood is often not an option, and conventional structural steel and concrete are not economically viable. With ConX, four to twelve story steel structures are now affordable; developers can build higher on a smaller footprint, maximizing land use with greater densities.

The ConX System is structurally superior to many conventional building methods; developers can offer a variety of new designs with demonstrable quality and safety enhancements. Where standard wood structures are code limited to 50 or occasionally 65 feet, ConX allows developers to typically build as high as eight stories above a podium in Seismic Zone 4 without shear walls or brace frames, and without incurring any code-related penalties. In non-seismic zones, developers can erect much higher ConX structures.

Build Flexibly – Phased releases means smaller initial capital outlay
In today’s changing real estate market, it is ever more important for developers to remain agile. ConXtech delivers a value proposition that just a few years ago might have been unachievable. Imagine finishing the exterior facade of your structure first, and then phasing the interior layout, TI’s or finishes at a “just in time” pace as the space is occupied. Imagine the flexibility that a structure without shear walls or brace frames brings you when it comes to unit planning and future use. More options can remain open for your tenants by keeping floor plans as flexible as possible until space is leased or sold.

Build Faster – Months off the build schedule delivers a faster ROI
Rapid, just-in-time manufacturing means that components are delivered to the building site as required and assembled quickly, efficiently, and safely. This equates to faster builds, better products, shorter schedules, virtually no on-site waste, and an overall increased return on investment.

ConX delivers ways for developers to substantially accelerate the delivery of the finished project while dramatically lowering peak capital needs, increasing quality and ROI.

With ConX developers can expect a precise and reliable system approach that offers new opportunities to reduce costs, increase profitability, and deliver the highest quality – more quickly and safely.

Build Affordably – Premium structure without the premium cost
With urban land at a premium, wood frame structures limit opportunities to maximize the development potential of high-density mixed-use and urban infill projects. Conventional steel and concrete construction methods are expensive and have their own limitations, such as the requirement to align the vertical load paths in residential units above a podium with the parking structure below. Often the optimal layout for residential units is designed at the expense of the optimal layout for parking or visa versa. For example, ConXR has no requirement to align the load path of the structure above the podium with the structure below the podium, thus, optimal yields can be realized from disparate parking and residential grids in the same building.

The ConX System is so precise that the structural component of a budget can be determined early in the design process. This precision, along with cost savings the system brings to overall efficiency, can make the difference between making a project “pencil” or not.

Build with Less Risk – Lower insurance premiums
ConX brings potential for reductions in wrap-up rates and insurance costs for developers. A safe environment, a shorter construction schedule and high quality structure generates a favorable risk profile for assembly, workers comp, course of construction, builder’s risk, and construction defects. For more information about special insurance rates for ConXtech projects, please contact John Arents at (925) 609-6565 or

Build with Precision – Square, plumb & aligned make it easy for all involved
The precise and elegant simplicity of the ConX System means that all of the pieces come together easily in the field. Before field construction begins, custom components for your project are pre-built in a high-tech manufacturing facility. The cutting, drilling, milling, and welding of components and assemblies for your project are pre-built to tolerances as close as six one thousandth’s of an inch.

When it’s time for field assembly, the ConX interlocking collar technology allows the beams to lower and lock onto columns where they are bolted. Welding on-site is minimal, reducing the need for on-site labor which leads to lower construction and overhead costs, a reduction of safety risks to workers, and lower costs for special inspections.

Build Without Compromise – A politically desirable system
Developers are challenged with striking the balance between bringing optimal value to the municipalities and communities in which they wish to build, while looking for ways to reduce construction costs and increase investment returns.

Working with municipalities can sometimes be challenging, and compromises are often made. With ConX, the duration of construction is shorter resulting in less disruption to traffic, less site produced noise and substantially reduced on-site waste; these and other advantages makes ConX a more politically desirable solution.