A growing network of fabricators – Meeting global demand with an innovative steel system
ConXtech makes its innovative connections available to a network of ConX Certified Fabricators. Leaders in the industry have begun to license ConXtech’s fabrication technologies, fixturing and methods to differentiate themselves by offering a true bi-axial structural system. Cost and time efficiencies, improved quality, readily available steel shapes and up to 2X productivity “under their existing roof” with the same manpower are just a few of the benefits.

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Structural steel simplified – Improved safety, quality and accelerated delivery
In the fabrication and erection environment worker safety is paramount. The ConX System was conceived with the safety of those who fabricate and erect steel in mind. From ConXtech’s innovative fixturing and jigs to process driven workflow, the system was developed to mitigate risk while enhancing productivity.

ConXtech not only offers fabricators and erectors a way to distinguish themselves by offering a superior structure at a lower cost, but we have developed a safer way to deliver a sustainable structure in significantly less time. ConX components and assemblies are precision-fabricated in a high-tech environment where much of the welding can be automated. Whether the fabricator elects to weld robotically or manually, ConXtech’s proprietary weld prep and fixturing positions the assembly to be welded in an ergonomically ideal horizontal position which enables higher deposition rates, reduces waste and re-work and increases production.

Benefits for the erector – Full Scale Erector Set technology
At the job site, pre-welded beam and column assemblies arrive ready to be assembled and provide one of the safest structural steel construction environments possible. Assemblies are easily and rapidly erected by lowering and locking them into place, with minimal use of sledgehammers or plumb and alignment tools. As a result, the construction environment is substantially safer and cleaner than a typical construction site.

Ironworkers primarily work from inside personnel lifts rather than walking steel beams; thus the requirement for those workers to be climbing steel is substantially reduced. Because of the rapid systematic construction, the building is dried-in much sooner than in conventional construction, reducing many of the typical risks. The frame system offers many secure attachment points for retractable safely lines (yo-yo’s), providing workers with easy access to overhead fall protection points in almost all scenarios while working on the structure.

Workers enjoy working with the intuitive and simple ConX System. They find satisfaction in erecting as many as 200 pieces of steel per day (per team of 6) in an organized construction environment that assembles simply, remains uncluttered, and can provide enhanced safety when compared to conventional steel erection.