Other Trades


A systems approach – Optimize your crews
The ConX System promotes organization for all trades involved in the construction process by establishing a streamlined design and construction workflow – one comparable to a state-of-the-art manufacturing process specifically designed to be free of disruption and other common construction site constraints.

With just-in-time precision manufacturing and a continuous flow of materials, ConX easily lends itself to utilizing smaller, highly flexible and efficient trade crews working at the same time in a fast-moving, well-organized and safe construction site. Projects that used to take years to complete now take only months.

With the traditional horizontal platform construction technique, many trades had to wait until the entire roof was on before they could get to work. Vertical construction of a full-height building frame allows smaller sections of the building to be roofed or dried-in early in the construction process. Large areas of the building no longer need to sit unavailable to subsequent trades for long periods of time. MEP and other trades can start within weeks of the commencement of construction, often concurrently, optimizing crews.

Design with a new set of tools – Precise structure early on brings IPD efficiencies
The simplicity of a ConX structure greatly simplifies Integrated Product Delivery (IPD). AutoCAD, Revit, Tekla and other BIM tools can be used to simplify not only the structure, but fire sprinkler, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) and cladding design. A simplified structure means trades can work from a dimensionally and spatially correct interactive structural model to efficiently layout their scope very early in project. Electronic models are coordinated with detailing and fabrication teams and structural components are precision manufactured to ensure dimensional accuracy. With ConX, what you design is what you get. A dimensionally accurate frame offers the opportunity for follow-on trades to pre-fabricate and more simply integrate non-structural building components.

Install efficiently – Save time and materials with a rapid and organized workflow
Efficient workflow saves time and money. Traditional construction accepts a linear approach to scheduling trades. It also tolerates a degree of imprecision in materials and workmanship. Trade crews expect to wait for other trades to finish before they can begin, and once they do begin, they know that they need to re-measure and customize materials on-site.

Because ConX beams are pre-cut with openings for fire sprinklers and MEP, very little cutting or fitting is required on-site. Trades can now arrive at the building site with confidence that the measurements of the structure and the pre-cut penetrations precisely match the original layout. The precise nature of the structure offers follow on trades the option to precut and preassemble components making their on-site installation more efficient.