Build Higher – Higher density means increased profits
ConXtech® offers innovative steel frame systems for a vast array of structural uses. Owners can now build premium quality industrial, healthcare, high-density, mixed-use, commercial, parking and other structures utilizing a well conceived and efficiently executed system. ConXtech can optimize land use by enabling higher occupancy buildings when compared to wood, and more affordable when compared to conventional steel or concrete. ConXtech delivers multistory structures at a lower Total Installed Cost than any comparable alternative.

Build Faster – Save months on the structure – deliver a faster ROI
The componentized nature of ConXtech’s systems allow structures to be designed and built more rapidly, processing plants to be operational sooner, and units/space to be occupied, rented, leased or sold earlier – all which accelerate your return on investment.

Build Predictably – ConX
The ConX System enables a spatially and dimensionally accurate ConX Digital Chassis to be established at the earliest concept stage. All stakeholders then leverage the chassis as the collaborative platform for efficient integration. The result is fewer iterations and a more predictable cost efficient project delivery. The value of ConXtech’s structural platform has been validated by Cumming, an international project management and cost consultancy firm that offers fully integrated services throughout design and construction. Cumming represents project owners by providing the technical expertise, leadership, and resources needed to drive the process towards successful outcomes that are on time and within the client’s budget. Specializing in the commercial, hospitality, retail, entertainment, education, healthcare, and high-end residential sectors, Cumming has more than 500 team members and has 27 offices worldwide.

Build Better – Durability ensures lower cost of ownership
Whether it’s an pipe rack, data center, medical office building, high density residential project or other, owners demand high quality at a reasonable cost. The ConX System provides a premium structure at a non-premium price, while reducing the long term maintenance liability.

ConX dramatically improves on wood frame building solutions by drastically reducing mold, rot, and shrinkage concerns. ConX is non-combustible and provides a more sound and sturdy structure built to resist earthquakes, wind and other elements. The insurance industry has been quick to recognize many of the advantages ConX brings, and we are pleased that selected insurance providers now offer substantially lower Wrap-up and other insurance premiums on projects which utilize the ConX System. For more information about special insurance premiums for ConXtech projects, contact Chris Brown at Brown & Riding: cbrown@brownandriding.com or (213) 593-3411.

Build Smarter – Desirability brings higher occupancy
Overall, ConXtech provides a better and greener structure for a more desirable project. ConXL, our system for commercial, office, hospital and other structures which require large open floor plans, is the ideal choice for those concerned about sustainability and want to attract the growing list of tenants who are environmentally conscious.

The flexibility of the ConXR System is optimal for mixed-use projects that are the hallmark of re-urbanization. Building owners can lease the ground-floor to retail businesses at a premium. Renters or condominium owners above can enjoy the convenience of retail, restaurant, and other services right in their own building.

With ConX, owners enjoy a new era of higher quality, lower-maintenance and more profitable projects.