Urban Planners

Optimizing Land Use with Higher Density

Plan and Grow Faster – Realize the vision in your lifetime
With the acute need for urban revitalization, ConXtech offers municipalities a fast, economical, and more sustainable way to meet the need for higher densities around public transit in the urban environment. The potential to build taller buildings more economically enables cities to preserve more open space for parks and other public areas, as well increase tax revenues by bringing together high-density residential, office, restaurants, shopping and entertainment to revitalize entire communities.

The ConX System is component-based, simplifying the manufacturing and assembly process, which saves field construction time and is far less disruptive to the surrounding community during construction.

ConXtech optimizes land use and increases efficiencies in delivery – from master planning through the construction to finished buildings – and allows municipalities to realistically guide developers toward sustainable development as they plan and create vibrant communities.

Plan and Grow Smarter – Minimize the disruption to the community you serve
Urban planners are interested in the environmental, economic, and social benefits of urban renewal and retrofitting. They are constantly challenged with balancing the re-urbanization and revitalization of cities while minimizing the impact of that growth and development on the community.

Municipalities benefit from advantages inherent in the systemic and modular nature of ConX, including greater flexibility in building design, reduced construction-related traffic congestion and noise around the site, reduced site generated waste and clutter, and a vastly consolidated construction schedule.

Plan and Grow Safely – Minimize construction related risks
The dream to bring back the vibrant urban core must be planned wisely, and it must also take into account the convenience and public and safety issues associated with building in sensitive urban environments.

Building with ConXtech makes for a cleaner and safer work environment when compared to building with more conventional methods. Because to a large extent, most welding is done at the manufacturing plant and a minimum done on-site, ConX dramatically increases worker and site safety. Minimal on-site welding means fewer laborers climbing steel. In most cases, iron workers installing the system work from inside personnel lifts. And since the structure goes from foundation to being completely decked and closed-in very quickly, the risk of injury is substantially reduced. Overall this well organized, clutter free construction environment means safety for the public as well.

Plan for the Long Term – Timeless high quality structures a common goal
After construction is complete, the quality and safety of the building are dramatically improved when compared to more conventional constructions methods and materials, especially in demanding seismic zones. ConX has undergone 17 full-scale tests at the University of Arizona’s Structural Lab in Tucson, and 60+ full scale destructive tests in ConXtech’s own bi-axial test facility.

The ConX steel frame is free from the environmental problems that have plagued wood frame structures in the past, is non-combustible, and not susceptible to mold or rot. The structural integrity of ConX means greater fire safety, greater seismic safety, more rapid and flexible development and the opportunity to build quality communities for the long term.