Get Started with ConX

Get Started with ConX

Design Lifecycle

Ideally, ConXtech begins working with a client and design team (owner/developer, engineer and architect) early in the process. Most often this is during the site evaluation and feasibility period and sometimes as part of the land acquisition process.

Phase 1: Conceptual & Schematic Design
Once the program goals are defined, ConXtech collaborates with the team to quickly determine how the ConX System can bring optimal value. ConXtech and/or our certified fabricators can promptly provide budget numbers for the structural chassis. Access to this early budget data enables the client to quickly determine their appropriate valuation of the land, enabling critical advantages as they prepare purchase offers for the real property.

Phase 2: Design Development
Before construction can commence, the client and their design team are required to present architectural renditions for review by the local building and planning departments. ConXtech’s systemic approach, with a finite number of structural elements, enables a revised structural budget to be quickly generated as plans evolve.

Phase 3: Construction Documentation
After the architectural gridlines are fixed, ConXtech’s suite of ConXCAD tools allow a 3D structural model to be generated in a matter of hours, versus traditional paper based methods which often take days or weeks to complete. This model also provides the base for the final structural analysis, detailing, as well as all of the data that drives the automated manufacture of ConX assemblies.

Phase 4: ConXCAD
Creating the documentation required to design, structurally evaluate, and fabricate a steel superstructure is a time-consuming and fragmented process. Various non-integrated software applications are used for each step. As documents pass from one disparate software program to the next, a significant amount of labor-intensive data manipulation is required, exposing the project to risk of error. These inefficiencies are severely compounded when even minor changes are required at any point in the design process.

ConXtech has developed ConXCAD digital toolkits to combine the design, fabrication and field assembly processes into an integrated software solution.


ConXCAD Benefits

Rapid generation and approval of structural drawings allows the structural plan check and subsequent structural permit to be issued well in advance of the full building permit.

Clients can lock in a hard budget for the construction costs of the structure early in the feasibility process.

As plans evolve, changes to the design are fully integrated and the budget easily updated. The client is protected from unexpected cost overruns late in the pre-construction process.

Fewer iterations means critical time is taken off of the design phase and the building is delivered faster, allowing the client to generate revenue earlier.

Higher quality throughout the manufacturing and field assembly processes are assured.