On-site Construction Services

On-site Construction Services

ConX® components are mass customized to architectural specifications at the ConXtech manufacturing facility in Hayward, California or by a ConX Certified Fabricator/Erector.

Components are sequentially delivered to the building site, where they are staged briefly or hoisted immediately into the building as required.

Quick and easy assembly

ConX components are quickly and easily assembled on-site by ironworkers. Typically, 3,000 to 5,000 ft2 of gross floor area of ConXR, and 10,000 ft2 of gross floor area of ConXL can be assembled per day. The ConX System is designed to create not only a more efficient workflow for the actual assembly of the structure, but also to make the sections of the building accessible to follow-on trades (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing etc.) very early in the construction process. For example, vertical sections of a three-story commercial building in the 100,000 square foot range can be ready for follow-on trades in the second or third week of construction.

Erection in vertical sections

ConX buildings are erected in vertical sections. When erecting ConXR, specially designed, patented ConX Column Plumb Stabilizers (column landers) are delivered to the site and set atop the foundation or concrete podium. Next, four full height (height of the building) ConX columns are erected vertically, then stabilized and plumbed in the column braces.

Pre-manufactured ConX beams are then hoisted by crane with the iron worker connector safely in the basket of a personnel lift. These beams are lowered and locked into place starting at the top of the columns. This unique connection forms an instant and interlocking moment connection between beam and column that requires no field welding. When the four beams are lowered into place on each side of the column, a “node” or “collar” is formed. This simple process creates an incredibly stable moment frame/space frame to which new beams and columns can be safely added simply by moving the column lander to the next grid, adding one column at a time, and lowering beams into place from the top down.

With ConXL, the process is similar but  columns are factory fabricated with bi-axial base plates already attached. On-site, columns are hoisted and set onto bolts already embedded in the footings or foundation that have been laid-out using ConXtech’s bolt layout templates which minimize the risk of bolts being set in the wrong pattern or place.

Once beams are connected to columns, bolts are added to each connector “collar” to provide full bi-axial moment capacity at each node. When bolts are tightened to a pre-specified tension, fluorescent orange silicon gel is released by Direct Tension Indicating (DTI) washers manufactured by Applied Bolting Technology. DTI or “Squirter” washers allow the bolts to be quickly installed and visually inspected, saving time and money.

Additional building components

As sections of the building frame are finished, other ConX components are delivered, staged and assembled. These can include:

ConX stair – Modular permanent stair system

Within the second or third day of construction, ConX stairs are added to the structure. The ConX stair system provides permanent vertical access and circulation to each floor of the building very early in the construction process. There are both construction efficiencies and safety benefits of having stable vertical access to each floor as well as the roof of the building so early in the building process.


ConX floor – Corrugated metal deck with lightweight concrete fill

From almost the onset of erection, ConXtech begins to install a structural floor system that spans between the horizontal wide flange beams. Comprised of corrugated metal deck which eventually is filled with concrete, this system, when complete, also delivers the required separation between floors to meet a 1hr fire rating. Ceilings can be added, moved or finished without affecting the required horizontal area separation.


MEP Coordination/Integration

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) can be installed below floors through pre-cut (factory) penetrations in the wide-flange beams that are specified by these trades during the design and detailing processes. ConXtech works with the MEP trades throughout their design process in order to automate and pre-drill or cut ConX beams to accommodate their on-site work. The trades not only commence their work on the site earlier in the building process, but can take advantage of a simplified, clean and efficient process.

Accelerated delivery

ConXtech’s systemic approach significantly accelerates the construction schedule through  precision and efficiency. This accelerated delivery brings benefits to the owner of the project, follow-on trades, and the surrounding community, by enabling a premium product to be completed in record time.