Three simple connections – infinite possibilities

Square columns serve as the vertical structural members of ConX structures. These columns are manufactured in a controlled factory environment by welding four tapered mating collars to the column at the architect’s specified floor to floor increment. With ConXR, the mating collars are welded to the face of an 8″x8″ HSS column. ConXL uses a slightly different connection design with connectors welded to corners of the 16″x16″ HSS or box columns.

ConX beam assemblies have moment connector plates factory welded to both ends of wide flange beams (moment/moment ConX beams), or two plasma cut gravity connectors on both ends of the beam (gravity/gravity ConX beams). ConX beams can also have a gravity connector on one end, and a moment connector factory welded to the other (gravity/moment ConX beams). ConXR uses a 12″deep machined connector plate with a tapered dovetail design. ConXL uses a tapered upper and lower flange plate configuration which is adaptable to different beam depths.

During the field assembly process, ConX beams are lowered and locked into place between ConX columns from the top down. The connectors immediately and easily lock into place resulting in an instantly stable connection. Mitered vertical edges of the connectors allow four identical plates to surround a column and form a ConX collar.

The ConX gravity connection is designed with a plasma cut hook. ConX gravity beams lower and lock into vertically aligned double angle receptacles which have been factory welded or bolted onto square columns or to the web of primary beams.

ConX gravity beams can be utilized around the perimeter of a building where there is less tributary load. They are also used as secondary beam members within the structure to support the floor.

ConX gravity columns are typically 4″x4″ or 6″x6″ with the ConXR System and 8″x8″ HSS with the ConXL System.

Optional ConX components

In addition to the ConX Chassis composed of columns, beams, and connectors, the ConX System can leverage a suite of pre-designed connection details for other building elements. This includes other components and assemblies which can be factory manufactured and sequentially delivered to the building site for integration into the building. Optional components include:


Prefabricated permanent exit stairs provide safe vertical access to each floor early in the construction project. ConX stairs

  • Are easy-to-install
  • Allow for installation during normal course of steel erection
  • Expedite construction
  • Minimize or eliminate cost of temporary stairs

Floor systems

ConXtech has developed a standard set of floor details which enable easy, systemic and rapid design and installation of floors within a ConX structure. Characteristics of the floor system include:

  • Typical corrugated metal deck with wire mesh (or other reinforcement) and lightweight concrete fill
  • Pre-cut and pre-mapped from BIM model for each specific bay
  • Vertical delivery of structure enables decking to commence early in the erection process
  • A set of standard edge metal details

Wall panels for a ConXR structure

Because of the precisely defined, modular ConX Chassis, third party wall panels or curtain wall systems can be precisely manufactured and installed onto the perimeter of the building frame with minimal adjustment.


ConXtech utilizes a standard set of balcony details which take much of the engineering and detail work out of balcony design. Cantilevered ConX balconies are pre-engineered and pre-fabricated in a factory environment. Balconies can be lowered and locked onto the building chassis as it’s assembled.