Here are some of the most common questions people ask us about ConXtech and the ConX System.

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1. General (3)

What does ConXtech do?

ConXtech® is a construction technology company that offers ConX®, a Chassis Based Modular™ steel building system. The company develops connections, methods and products and leverages automated manufacturing technologies to build faster, better, safer and more sustainably. ConXtech manufactures and sells kit-of-parts ConX Modular Pipe Rack similar to a full-scale erector set. In addition, the company mass-customizes structures for healthcare, commercial and high-density residential applications.

ConXtech provides design assistance to ensure project teams leverage the system to capture the full value. The company also licenses and sells connectors to a growing network of ConX Certified Fabricators and Erectors.

What is the difference between ConXtech® and ConX®?

ConXtech is the Company. ConX is the company’s Chassis Based Modular™ building system comprised of a finite number of standardized modular building connections and frame assemblies. Similar to an automobile “Chassis”, the precision and predictability achieved with the ConX Chassis enables simple integration of other modularized components systems and sub-systems into and onto the structure.

Is ConXtech® a fabricator?

Yes. ConXtech manufactures ConX® building assemblies in a highly automated factory in California which utilizes BIM, robotics, CNC machine centers, and specialized jigs and fixturing for precision and quality control.

ConXtech is growing a network of additional fabricators that can utilize ConXtech’s technology to fulfill as demand grows. The company is enabling other AISC Certified Fabricators to streamline processes and automate their existing facilities by offering a turn-key ConX Factory which includes proprietary fixturing, jigs, and documented processes and procedures to produce steel building components and structural building assemblies with unprecedented speed, precision and quality.

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2. Products & Technology (5)

What differentiates a ConX structure from a conventional steel structure?

ConXtech offers standard factory manufactured structures vs. custom crafted structures to save time, money and improve safety. Utilizing a finite number of standardized lower and locking™ bi-axial moment connections, a vast array of structures can be rapidly designed and built. ConX connections are typically redundantly distributed in a building frame resulting in a premium Moment Space Frame structure without a cost premium.

Has ConXtech® developed more than one standardized connection?

Yes. ConXtech has four standardized “lower & locking™” connections that can be configured into various multi-level structures: ConXR™, ConXL™300 and ConXL™ and ConXGravity™. ConXR, ConXL300 and ConXL are all bi-axial moment connections. ConXGravity connections are used for secondary and joist beams and can be incorporated into all three systems.

What are ConXtech’s three different structural systems?

ConXR™ – A short span system utilizing dovetail male/female collar connection. This system is ideal for pipe rack, high density residential and other structures requiring beam spans 8’ – 20’ (Columns 8” Square / Beam Depth: 12”)

ConXL™300 – An intermediate system utilizing a tapered flange collar connection system. The system is ideal for pipe rack and other structures requiring beam spans of 12’ to 30’ (Columns 12” Square / Beam Depth: Variable)

ConXL™ – A long span system utilizing a tapered flange collar connection system. The system is ideal for industrial, commercial, educational, healthcare and other structures with spans of 18’ – 65’. (Column 16” square / Beam depth: 18” to 30” for SMF and deeper for OMF)

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3. Engineering (7)

Is ConX included in standards and building codes?

The ConXL™ SMF connection is codified  by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and published in AISC 358-10 Prequalified Connections for Special and Intermediate Steel Moment Frames for Seismic Applications for use by structural engineers worldwide. It is also approved by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) for use in California hospital facilities and the Division of the State Architect (DSA) for use in California schools.

ConX is LA city (LABDS) approved and meets special detailing requirements for the most demanding seismic loading as well as the current U.S. Department of Defense anti-terrorism standards for blast and progressive collapse resistance.

Read more about the codification, our test frames and procedures and resistance to progressive collapse in this Technical Summaries document.

What testing has been conducted on ConX® connections?

ConXtech® has performed extensive full-scale testing on its framing systems. Multiple tests have been performed at the University of Arizona, Smith-Emery Laboratories, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA as well as more than 50 full-scale tests at our plant in Hayward, CA.

Why does ConXtech® fill the square HSS/tube columns with concrete?

Concrete fill provides reserve axial and stiffness capacity, fire resistance and eliminates the void preventing corrosion and/or gas build-up inside the HSS/tube column.

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4. Safety (1)

Is the ConX® system safer to erect than a conventional structures?

The ConX connection is an innovative design providing lower and lock™ technology that requires no field welding and enables safer and faster erection in the field.

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5. Process, Procurement & Schedule (4)

I have a project that could utilize ConX®, how do I get started?

ConXtech® has architectural and engineering tutorials to get you started and live bodies standing by to answer your questions. Call at 510-264-9111 x115 or send email request to: info@conxtech.com

What is the lead time for ConX® Structures?

Lead time for ConX should be significantly shorter vs. conventional fabrication due to the fact that ConX is a manufactured system utilizing standardized parts, steel shapes and components.

Where is ConX® made?

The ConX System is manufactured in a highly automated factory in the San Francisco Bay Area and can be shipped anywhere in the world. ConXtech is enabling a network of ConX Certified Fabricators to scale production with demand.

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6. ConX Modular Pipe Rack (9)

Is bracing required?

Typically no, because ConX® is a robust bi-axial moment frame most ConX Modular Piper Rack structures do not require bracing. However, there are circumstances where column leg height to the first supported beam is significant enough to require supplemental knee bracing.

What differentiates ConX® from conventional pipe rack fabrication?

The ConX Modular Pipe Rack System was designed for manufacture in a highly automated process vs. the conventional hand crafted, cut and fit process that is the status quo. Robotics, CNC Machining; Automated BIM driven cut, drill, plasma lines; and specialized fixturing and jigs eliminate opportunities for human error and rework. This automated approach ensures predictability, precision, quality and means 2 to 3X more rack can be built under the same roof, in the same timeframe vs. conventional fabrication.

How does the ConX® System handle scaffolding?

As an option, ConXtech® offers modular permanent or removable Work Access Platforms. These platforms can be integrated into the rack structure by simply lower and locking onto standard Pipe Rack Columns and can be a permanent or temporary part of the structure.

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