Construction Innovation Forum (CIF) – NOVA Award 2007

Construction Innovation Forum (CIF) – NOVA Award 2007

In November 2007, ConXtech was honored by the CIF with a coveted NOVA Award.

“The CIF is an international nonprofit organization formed in 1987 to recognize innovations in the construction industry that improve quality and efficiency, and reduce the cost of construction.” Touted as the “Nobel Prize” for the construction industry, the NOVA award is CIF’s “most distinguished honor.”

According to the CIF “A jury of internationally recognized experts selects NOVA winners after an intense and thorough investigative process. To date, more 535 nominations for the NOVA Award have been received from more than 20 countries. Worldwide, 72 innovation involving 14 countries have received the prestigious award.”

“Each of the nominations represents the best in human ingenuity, inspiration, and creativity. All of them deserve respect and attention. However, only the best of the best of the nominees receive the NOVA. The innovation must be a significant advance, not just a natural evolution of existing methods, common sense or good practices.”

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