Data Center Construction At Warp Speed

Data Center Construction At Warp Speed

CoreSite SV7 Data Center

Blog Post by Matt Construction
January 2017

The CoreSite SV7 data center in Santa Clara, CA went up in record time…


“CoreSite’s goal was speed in construction. To deliver the new four-story data center and interior build, MATT Construction used ConXtech for the structural steel. This allowed them to put up 240,000 sf in 25 days, and shave 25% off the schedule of a traditional structural steel installation.

MATT Construction is the expert in ConXtech installation. Unique in the industry, the MATT team’s preconstruction process and execution leads to consistent, repeatable results so that no economy of the system is lost.

A local Bay Area product, ConXtech is a four-way, self-truing, moment-connecting structure. The rigid connection of the beam and post at the frame can take rotational force, eliminating the requirement for heavier steel to meet seismic needs. The system eliminates the need for field splicing and on-site welding and is ideal for SV7’s grid structure. In addition, no braces or shear walls are necessary, which means ultimate flexibility on the floor plan – a plus for data centers.”
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