New ConXCAD BIM Tools for Better Design, Detailing, Project Communication and Construction Planning

New ConXCAD BIM Tools for Better Design, Detailing, Project Communication and Construction Planning

Tools increase users’ productivity when working with the ConX® System but also boost BIM efficiency using any structural steel option

Hayward, CA, January 21, 2013
ConXtech, the designer and manufacturer of ConX, the Chassis Based Modular® Structural Steel System, has announced the availability of its ConXCAD software tools. ConXCAD is a suite of BIM add-on tools that allow construction industry professionals to easily integrate the ConX structural steel system into their projects while still using their preferred BIM software applications of choice such as Revit Structure and Tekla Structures.

“With ConXCAD, we want to make sure users are even more productive in their already familiar environment rather than introduce a totally new suite of tools for them to learn. We have also designed some of the ConXCAD tools to not only increase their productivity when working with the ConX system but also give them a boost with BIM using any structural system.” says Chris Keyack, VP of ConXCAD.

The focus of the recently released collection of tools ranges from design and detailing to project communication and construction planning. All tools come with comprehensive documentation and video tutorials.

Rob Schoen, President of Axis Steel Detailing, whose team has recently started working on projects with ConXtech, noted: “I like the user friendliness of the tools and the functionality they offer. I also like the ConXCAD documentation. It clearly defines a simple step-by-step process of how a building should be connected and makes for great efficiency and speed. Lastly, I appreciate working with the support team. They have been very helpful in getting us started in detailing with the ConX System.”

Tools available are:

ConX™ Revit Families

The ConX Revit Families are a custom library of ConX beams, columns, and connectors that allow designers and engineers to define a geometrically precise digital chassis (ConX structural frame) within Revit Structure at the earliest stage of a project. These ConX families contain the exact beam setbacks for accurate lengths and weights as well as contain the ConX metadata tags for connection nomenclature such as BMM (Beams with Moment connections on both ends), BGG (Beams with gravity connections on both ends) etc. This level of data early on in the project allows the project team to make better design decisions and easily generate comprehensive estimates.

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ConX Model Check™

ConX Model Check is a tool built on top of Tekla Structures which automatically scans a ConX digital chassis and checks to make sure it complies with all of the right naming conventions, design standards, and part orientations that go along with the ConX system. This is especially helpful to new designers and detailers learning the ConX system as well as assuring a high accuracy of data being driven to manufacturing and construction in the field.
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ConX™ Digital Chassis Configurator

The ConX Digital Chassis Configurator allows designers, engineers, and detailers to rapidly define a digital ConX structural steel frame within Tekla Structures at the earliest stages of a project. This ConX Digital Chassis can be imported into other BIM applications so architects and other trades can easily design and coordinate with the ConX modular structural chassis. The ConX Digital Chassis Configurator also automatically connects the digital steel frame using ConXtech’s comprehensive Tekla component and connections library. This fully connected detailed model is used to generate shop drawings and CNC files which are used in manufacturing and construction.

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ConX Project View™

ConX Project View is an application that allows project participants to collaborate and communicate in an integrated environment using 2D documents linked with a 3D structural model. ConXtech uses this tool in house to create project presentations and communicate comments between project management to detailing and field crews with models created in Tekla Structures.

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ConX Load Planner™

Project managers and field superintendents can use the ConX 3D model created in Tekla Structures to easily plan truck loads and erection sequence even before shop and erection drawings have been made. ConX Load Planner will automatically detect changes in piece marks and properties that affect the planned loads. The load and erection sequence data can be printed or published to Tekla BIMsight to share with the rest of the project team.

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ConXBOM™ for managing Advanced Bill of Materials

The ConXBOM application allows project managers, purchasing agents, and detailers to manage Advanced Bill of Materials generated from Tekla Structures. ConXBOM can automatically detect changes between two versions of advanced bills. The tool also allows users to compare changes in piece marks at release for fabrication compared to out for approval, or revised for fabrication submittals. These changes can be imported back to the digital 3D structural model for visualization.

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The ConXCrane tool helps contractors and erectors plan site logistics with truck and crawler cranes using the detailed geometry and assembly information in a Building Information Model. Erection procedure plan, elevation, and isometric drawings can then be generated as a deliverable for the project.

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These tools are available for free download; contact ConXtech at for more information.

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