"Our engineering and investment teams immediately recognized the value and efficiencies that the ConX System brings to the design and construction process, in terms of time, installed cost, safety and ongoing operations. We view this technology as the future not only for the energy sector, but also for non-oil related infrastructure."

Nabil Al-Khowaiter
CEO, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, April 2015

"The workshop you all put on in Edmonton last week was truly impressive. Everything involved has been thoroughly thought out and engineered to be simple and efficient; from the how the columns stand vertically on their own to the built in bus bar trays to the built in life-lines for tying-off, and how simply the railings can be attached. You are revolutionizing the thought process behind steel construction to the benefit of the erectors and owners."

Chris Curven
VP, Applied Bolting Technology, April 2014

"ConXtech is an extremely efficient and professional organization and I would recommend use of their product without reservation."

Tim Yager
Sr. Project Manager, Hathaway Dinwiddie

"Our successful experience erecting the ConXR structural system was due to more than just the system’s innovative design. There is no doubt that the erection efficiency of the system is impressive and “walks the talk”, but the outstanding proactive vendor support from ConXtech was equally remarkable to us. Superficially, it might seem a ‘no-brainer’ to evangelize a product that reduces an erection schedule by 30% to 50%, but there are ‘other’, very real, project ramifications that must be addressed in order to fully realize the complete project benefit potential from such blazing erection speed.

Everyone must be prepared to manage the high speed ripples that propagate in all directions from the unanticipated, yet inevitable, ‘pebble’ dropped into the schedule. ConXtech’s team understands and anticipates this need. They remained actively involved throughout the project, providing valuable tribal knowledge and real-time solutions to head off problems and ensure all of their customers, Bragg, Prowest and the University of California received the maximum benefit from the use of the ConXR system."

Ian Johnson
Regional Manager, Bragg Crane & Rigging

"This was the smoothest structural system I’ve ever erected in my 30 years of being an iron worker, and the ConXR stair system was the easiest stair system I’ve ever installed."

Darin King
Superintendent, Bragg Crane & Rigging

"The folks at ConXtech are delivering outstanding IPD / BIM and lean based solutions to the oil & gas industry. They can do it in other sectors of the built industry as well. The patented collar system ConXtech utilizes is very slick. And they are doing it California! Wow. Just wow. The entire operation reminds me of Hank Rearden’s steel company in Atlas Shrugged."

James L. Salmon, Esq.
Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC

"A Frenchman once made a tower that changed the way we think about the possibilities of Steel. Was it art?

When I saw the Tower of Babylon on the edge of the Playa I was skeptical. I see this form so often. The frame against the sky, how mundane!
What I found there was something awesome. Crafted from every day building materials that we think we “know”, this modular representation of our reach for greatness, transforms the known into limitless possibility. While modular building and flexible design are mainstays of the Modern Architectural movement, the possibilities of this tower (its ability to be moved and reconfigured) are inspirational.

The expression of the American strive for greatness and success is sometimes seen as contrary to the ethos of Burning Man. Here, at the Tower of Babylon, greatness and success are borne on the wings of an Engineering feat worthy of attention. For me, the tower represents a desire for achievement which is a fundamental part of the American Dream. It embodies the idea that we can take what we see around us and reinvent our own world. America was once called “The New World”. Perhaps, if we work hard, if we change the way we look at things, if we take the things we think we “know” and turn them into something new, America will once again become “A New World”."

Steven Young
Burning Man 2008 Attendee (Blog September 1st, 2008)

"If automobiles were built today using the same principles and systems the construction industry uses – every car would cost no less than a million dollars…”

“ConXtech is the chassis which will facilitate the transformation of the construction industry"

Magnus Aspegren
BMW Group, Designworks USA

"The automated welding and machining processes used in fabrication provide unparalleled precision and quality. ConX provides redundancy and reliability in spades, inherently satisfying the most stringent alternate path progressive collapse requirements on this project with no premium over the base structure.”

“The geometric discipline that underlies the ConX structural concept enhances our ability to foresee and resolve potential conicts with all trades, and on this project resulted in taking the BIM coordination to another level of detail. The pro-active can-do problem-solving style and attitude of the ConXtech team together with the diverse construction knowledge they bring to the project results in IPD on steroids. We were solving integration problems at the kickoff meeting that most teams don’t realize exist until they get blindsided by them in the field."

Gregory P. Luth
GPLA Engineers, Santa Clara, CA

"I returned to Austria last week from my fact finding mission to California. This trip was absolutely worthwhile and I had high level talks with many professionals in the building industry…Thank you very much for the tour of your facility. I have been working for over 20 years in the timber industry, but I have not yet seen a company which has optimized its process as well as ConXtech, Congratulations!"

Harald Professner
LifeCycle Tower, Rhomberg Bau GmbH
Mariahilfstraße 29, 6900 Bregenz, Austria

"I am not aware of a safer structure available anywhere. You get the same level of redundancy, progressive collapse and blast resistance required on govt. projects on every project at no cost premium. Pretty cool stuff."

Kevin W. Torrie, M.SC., P. Eng.
Team Lead, Structural, Williams Engineering Canada Inc.

"ConX is the most exciting development in structural engineering since the bolt."

John D. Osteraas, Ph.D., P.E.
Group Vice President and Principal Engineer
Buildings & Structures Exponent (formerly Failure Analysis)

"In addition to a great system – truly faster and safer – we were greatly impressed by the entire ConXtech team. They were focused on finding the best solution for the project and were always ready to put in the extra effort to ensure the entire job was successful."

John Vardaman
Project Manager, DPR Construction

"So Simple, So Pure, So Brilliant – How come it took 100 years and a concrete guy to figure this out?"

F. Clay Fry, AIA
Principal, MBH Architects

"Seeing the individual joints being tested in the lab did not prepare me for the elegance of the full three-dimensional structural system. It really took my breath away.”

“Bob Simmons has created a remarkable modular system by recognizing the potential of addressing each phase of construction within a single integrated process. This is real innovation."

Dr. Robert B. Fleischman, Ph.D
Professor and Director of the Integrated Computation and Experimental Laboratory (ICEL), University of Arizona, Tucson

"It’s a privilege for us to have such an extraordinary structural development operation so close to Stanford. I’m certain that the students are seeing one of those rare times when there really is a significant leap in construction technology."

Boyd C. Paulson, Jr.
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Director,
Graduate Program in Construction Engineering and Management, Stanford University

"It brings a tear to my eye."

Ron Groeneveld
Director of Infill Operations, John Laing Homes

"Finally, something intelligent happens. This is real art. It gives me goose bumps."

John Vasilescu
Project Manager, DIAP (Architects & Planners)

"It is the opinion of Quality Built® that the ConXtech system should be considered a favorable (insurance) risk when compared to conventional steel or concrete structures, and an exceptionally favorable risk when compared to wood-framed structures."

Stan Luhr
CEO, Quality Built®

"The ConX system will have a huge impact on the construction industry. It targets a very unique marketplace that no one has been able to make sense of—4 to 8 story, high density, mixed-use buildings. There is nothing like this out in the industry that is this economical."

John Moyer
Johnstone & Moyer, Construction Management Services

"We have studied many examples of product and process innovation and greatly admired the people who made each of them happen. But none began to match what Bob Simmons has accomplished with a simultaneous product and process innovation, not to mention building a business, a new organization, and a facility all at the same time."

Clyde B. Tatum
Professor and Chair, Director, Construction Institute, Stanford University

"We live in one of the most seismically active areas in the world. My role as a structural engineer was to take Bob’s ideas and subject them to the rigorous requirements of the seismic code. Bob’s design is brilliant. ConX is a true moment frame system where the columns and beams carry both the gravity load and the lateral forces induced by seismic events. You’re not relying on one element to meet your seismic requirement as you do with a traditional structure. ConX is a very redundant and flexible system; if a few of the elements fail, the structure will still survive."

Walid Naja
Principal, PE, FBA Engineers