CBU Engineering

CBU Engineering
Location: Riverside, CA
Total ft2: 95,055
Owner: California Baptist University
GC: Tilden Coil Constructors
Engineer: Walter P. Moore
Architect: Gensler
Days to Erect: 15


This new Engineering facility at California Baptist University will provide classroom, faculty and administrative space. Large, hangar-style doors connect the entrance and exhibit plaza, where students and faculty will be able to display ongoing projects. Some of the roof is accessible to students, including a solar-thermal lab, a photovoltaic farm and a green roof/architectural lab.



From California Baptist University: CBU dedicates new building for College of Engineering
From the Engineer, Walter P. Moore: CBU Gordon and Jull Bourns College of Engineering
From the General Contractor, Tilden-Coil Constructors: CBU College of Engineering