Marshall Elementary

Marshall Elementary
Location: Anaheim City, CA
Total ft2: 43,600
Owner: Anaheim City School District
GC: Columbia Steel, Inc; Erickson-Hall Construction
Engineer: Walter P. Moore
Architect: BCA
Days to Erect: 18



ConXtech’s scope includes this two-story, 43,604 square foot educational facility, erected in 18 days. The entire scope of the Marshall Elementary School reconstruction includes three two-story educational buildings and one single-story multi-use building. Marshall Elementary is one of four schools being reconstructed and modernized as part of Anaheim City School District’s master plan for improvements. The architectural style is neo-mission, in keeping with the District design standard, and will support 1,000 elementary age students over the next 50 years.


The Division of State Architects’ approval for this structure was expedited by ConXtech’s prequalification and publication in the AISC Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings manual. Once construction began, Building C was erected three times faster than any of the other traditional steel buildings on site. No braces were needed on the ConX building, while all other buildings on the site required lateral restraints.


Project highlights from the engineer, Walter P. Moore: Marshall Elementary

More about the overall project from BCA Architects: Marshall Elementary Reconstruction
Image credit: BCA Architects

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