Pleasanton, California, – August 16, 2019 – ConXtech, Inc., announces that Robert “Bob” Simmons’, ConXtech’s co-founder, will be stepping down as Chief Technology Officer and Chairman of the Board.  Mr. Simmons will continue to serve as a Board Member of the Company and will continue to support the Company in this capacity.

On behalf of the Company, ConXtech’s CEO Mr. Gilles Caussade said, “We thank Bob for his 14 years of leadership to the growth and development of ConXtech as well as supporting an important transition in Board responsibilities. ConXtech is strong and ready for the next level of future expansion, and Bob will continue to support several of our key relationships.”

About ConXtech®:

ConXtech is a privately held construction technology company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. With the mission to “Improve Lives by Changing the Way the World Builds” the company offers ConX®, a Chassis Based Modular® structural steel system based on standardized moment connections and building assemblies. ConXtech’s products and technologies enable production of steel structures in a high-tech factory environment resulting in unprecedented productivity, dimensional accuracy and quality. The modular system simplifies design, detailing, fabrication and field assembly, accelerating the delivery of a structural frame by 2X – 5X vs. any conventional method. ConXtech has built more than 14 million square feet of steel structures including data centers, commercial offices, multi-family residential and retail facilities, health care buildings, oil & gas and chemicals projects.

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