Ultimate Structural Integrity

  • Inherent seismic, progressive collapse and blast resistance of the ConX System meets the most stringent building code criteria including: ATFP (Anti-Terrorism Force Protection), UFC (Unified Facilities Criteria), AISC Seismic Provisions and California’s Office of Statewide Healthcare Planning and Development (OSHPD) requirements. Read more about the codification
  • Premium moment-frame/space-frame structure with inherent bi-axial performance (without cost premium)
  • Gravity stabilized structure can be quickly and safely lowered and locked™ together on-site


Simplified Design and Simplified Structure

  • Faster design through delivery than any other structural alternative
  • One connection used redundantly simplifies interface with other systems and finishes (e.g. fire-sprinklers, ceilings, cladding)
  • Brace and shear wall free structure enables unprecedented freedom for interior layout, exterior design, window placement and future reconfiguration
  • Entire team can organize around digital chassis with high value digital Building Information Modeling (BIM) at earliest stages of design
  • Redundant use of standardized structural connection holds potential to simplify and accelerate the approval process


Predictability in Cost, Schedule and Quality

  • ConX brings a lower Total Installed Cost vs. any other structural option
  • Accelerated schedule lowers overall risk and brings structures into service more rapidly
  • Welding and associated special inspection of connections takes place in a safe and controlled factory environment


Greener through Optimization of Materials and other Resources

  • Less overall waste in an efficient factory environment. ConX = 2-3% “drop” vs. industry avg. = 6-8%
  • Typically lighter and greener structure vs. conventional options (up to 30% less steel)
  • ConX bi-axial connections distribute loads efficiently throughout a structure and enable simplified, less costly footings and foundations
  • No field welding = speed and safety and lower CO2 emissions from fossil fuels
  • Transient field labor is replaced with factory labor that can live near their workplace
  • ConX is the only moment frame steel system that can be designed for disassembly and reassembly


Modular Systemized Approach to Structure

  • AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) and IBC (International Building Code) approved; PIP (Process Industry Practices) compliant system
  • Common connectivity expands opportunity for modularization of piping, equipment, HVAC and other systems and finishes beyond the structure
  • Predictable structure simplifies maintenance and reduces associated time and costs


Faster Construction Schedule

  • ConXtech’s finite set of connectors and steel shapes and weights reduces material lead times
  • Factory built assemblies significantly accelerate delivery of structure. Typically 2 to 5X faster than conventional steel (Faster ROI, Lower Peak Capital)
  • Less on-site disruption (existing facility is often still operational during construction) due to just-in-time delivery of frame assemblies, fewer field personnel, shorter construction duration, elimination of emissions from field welding, and reduced noise, traffic congestion and on-site waste