ConX System Video Gallery

The Vision Behind ConXtech

Hear ConXtech’s co-founders describe the genesis of the ConX System and get a glimpse of our design, fabrication & assembly process in this awesome short video by Autodesk!

ConXtech is reinventing the way that structural steel-frame buildings are designed and built with modular construction techniques. Combining the tools of high-tech manufacturing with BIM (building information modeling), co-founders Robert Simmons and Kelly Luttrell developed an ingenious system of standardized components that make it possible to design and erect 2-to-12-story buildings faster, more safely, and with less waste.

ConX System Time-Lapses

Modular Pipe Rack Demo

Watch a 45-ton ConX Pipe Rack Module be assembled in 6:17! ConX Pipe Racks are designed as a modular kit-of-parts for efficient design, safe and rapid assembly, and reconfigurability.

SJSU Health & Wellness Center

The 7-day assembly of the San Jose State University Health and Wellness Center, a 3-story ConXL frame of 51,713 ft2 and 430 tons.

Engineering with ConX

Get a thorough introduction to engineering with the ConX System, hosted by ConXtech’s Chief Structural Engineering Officer, Adam Browne.

Collaboration and Innovation

A senior project manager from Blach Construction and ConXtech’s VP of Construction discuss collaboration, safety and efficiency in the new 52,000 ft2 Student Health and Wellness Center for San Jose State University.

ConX System at Autodesk University

ConXtech Co-founder speaks at AU Innovation Forum

For a large Autodesk University audience, Robert Simmons details the history of ConXtech and the inspiration behind his innovative products. He covers the evolution of ConXtech from primarily high density residential applications to several other diverse sectors including data centers, healthcare and the oil and gas industry. He highlights the simplicity of the ConXR and ConXL connections, the system’s thorough seismic testing, the safety of erection compared to traditional steel, and the sustainability and design flexibility inherent to the ConX System.

You can watch the ConXtech excerpt above, or see the full Innovation Forum including other speakers here on the Autodesk University site.

Keynote Speech by Carl Bass

ConXtech had the notable honor of being featured in the AU 2015 keynote speech given by Autodesk CEO Carl Bass.  In his speech, which was delivered to over 10,000 people live, and more via streaming, Mr. Bass highlights the precision of our manufacturing facility and the speed in which the system is erected. He notes that ConXtech re-framed the way we thought about innovation – that it isn’t just about great engineering, but also entails working through difficult details and making the commitment to “make it happen”.

Check out the ConXtech excerpt above… or watch the whole thing at Autodesk University’s archive.

ConX System Demo Model Animations

ConXtech Deconstructable Parking Structure

The Client can fulfill short-term parking requirements with a structure that is ready to transform into office when program demands change.

ConXtech Transformable Parking System

Parking can be transformed incrementally into office. In this example, half the structure has been enclosed and repurposed and parking is available on every level.

ConX System Demo Model 360 Views

ConX 200 300 400 Residential Demo Models