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ConXtech Industrial

Informational video on our Industrial product offering.

ConXtech Field Install

ConXtech: Field Bidding

Learn the advantages and key distinctions of bidding a ConXtech project vs conventional steel.

ConXtech: The Value Differentiator

Learn why our innovative construction method is the preferred choice for projects across diverse sectors, including medical office buildings, data centers, and educational facilities. With ConXtech, construction is not only faster but also more efficient and reliable. Watch real-life examples of ConXtech in action and see for yourself why ‘seeing is believing.’ Don’t miss out on discovering how ConXtech can revolutionize your next construction project.

ConXtech: Field Planning

This detailed guide covers the critical steps for planning a successful ConXtech project, emphasizing the importance of lot loading in determining the fabrication sequence, truck delivery order, and erection sequence. Understand how ConXtech’s accelerated timeline influences daily steel processing and how this unique system supports multiple crews—including connecting, bolting, and plumbing & alignment—working simultaneously. Gain valuable insights to effectively organize and synchronize your crews to maximize efficiency on your construction site.

ConXtech: Erection Guidance

This video provides an in-depth look at the key components of the ConXtech system—Beams, Columns, and Collar Flanges—and introduces vital assembly techniques. Discover how orientation holes and piecemark labels ensure correct assembly, and learn about lift rigging, hoisting methods, and the innovative ‘Billboard Erection’ technique. From seating beams to bolt installation, this guide covers all you need to ensure a streamlined and secure construction process.

ConXtech: Node Bolting

This instructional video introduces the ConXtech XL400 system and demonstrates the correct procedures for bolting, including the orientation and order of hardware assembly. Learn about the tools required, mandatory safety gear, and the proper torque sequence to ensure secure and safe construction.