Commercial/Industrial/Retail Mezzanines

For nearly two decades, ConXtech has teamed with high-profile Commercial/Industrial/Retail Mezzanine clients to design and deliver innovative structures that improve safety and predictability while reducing Total Installed Costs (TIC). As a result, ConXtech is an ideal structural solution for Mezzanine applications, offering accelerated installation schedules, simplified layout, and future programmability.

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ConX® for Mezzanine Structures

Example: A 25’ x 25’ mezzanine module used part-time in a Hayward factory and part-time at events like Autodesk University. This particular structure is built on the ConXR 200 System and can be assembled or disassembled in just a few hours with 3 or 4 personnel.

Create Space by Going Vertical

The ConX System can bring your manufacturing floor or office space to a whole new level! ConX Mezzanine Structures are prefabricated and simply lower and lock™ together safely and rapidly with no field welding required. Temporary or permanent platforms can be installed fast – with no mess and minimal disruption to your operations. We have worked with some of the world’s most innovative companies to expand capacity by going vertical!

All three ConX Systems are excellent options for a mezzanine structure, depending on size and load requirements. For lighter loads or shorter spans, ConXR 200 or ConXL 300 would be more than sufficient. For longer spans, or heavy loads, ConXL 400 would likely be the best solution.

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