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Celebrating Women in Construction: Spotlight on Elizabeth Carey

March 21, 2024

Honoring Excellence During Women in Construction Week – Elizabeth Carey

This Women in Construction Week, ConXtech is proud to highlight the remarkable contributions of Elizabeth Carey. As a pivotal member of our team, Elizabeth, affectionately known as EC, has played a crucial role in knitting together our Sales and Marketing teams with her extensive knowledge and versatile skills.

Elizabeth’s journey at ConXtech spans a dynamic range of roles, from managing manufacturing processes to refining marketing strategies. Her ability to handle complex challenges with grace and expertise makes her an invaluable asset to our company. Adam Kurtenbach, Vice President of Business Development, praises Elizabeth’s ability to exceed expectations consistently, emphasizing her role in transforming ConXtech into a robust and versatile structural solution provider.

Senior Director Josh DeLehman notes that Elizabeth’s collaborative spirit and strategic insights have been vital as ConXtech has grown into its current form—a testament to her profound impact over her five-year tenure. Marketing Director Matthew Blanchard describes her as not only a knowledgeable professional but also a delightful teammate whose contributions never go unnoticed.

Kevin Olalia, Director of Preconstruction, and Anthony P. Pydych, Director of Business Development for the Pacific Northwest, both commend her adaptability and deep understanding of ConXtech’s history and operations, which drive our strategic marketing initiatives forward. This is crucial for fostering relationships with key industry players, particularly in the Life Sciences sector, where precision and innovation are paramount.

Kyle Wilson, Director of Business Development in San Diego, highlights Elizabeth’s forward-thinking approach to technology and interdepartmental communication, underscoring her role in leveraging CRM software trends to enhance organizational efficiency.

Elizabeth Carey’s professionalism and commitment to excellence not only make her a standout team member but also embody the spirit of Women in Construction Week. We are thrilled to celebrate her myriad achievements and her ongoing dedication to paving the way forward in the construction industry.

Join us in applauding Elizabeth Carey, a true inspiration and a significant force behind ConXtech’s success.