Van Nuys Assisted Living

Van Nuys Assisted Living
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Total ft2: 80,500
Owner: 7040 Van Nuys Partnership, LLC
GC: Landmark View, Inc.
Engineer: Ashley & Vance
Architect: Hochhauser Blatter
Days to Erect: 20


This 80,500 ft2 assisted living facility in Van Nuys, CA features 132 units and includes amenities such as a fitness center, beauty salon, movie theater, library, bistro lounge, wine bar, two-story “Great Room” and multiple courtyards.


The ConXR 200 System, with long span W21 & W16 frames in the center, created a large open communal area for residents. Due to a thinner-than-usual podium, the steel was erected quickly with lighter weight equipment to keep loading to a minimum. The site footprint was extremely tight, so the efficiency of the steel assembly helped minimize disruption to surrounding neighbors.

ConXR 200 is ideal for hospitality, high density residential, assisted living, student housing and many other applications. Contact to learn more.

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