CoreSite SV-7

CoreSite SV-7
Location: Santa Clara, CA
Total ft2: 230,000
Owner: CoreSite
GC: MATT Construction
Engineer: FBA Engineers
Architect: DCM
Days to Erect: 15


This 230,000 ft2 data center was erected in just 15 days. SV-7 is the fourth data center using the ConX System structural frame on CoreSite’s Silicon Valley campus.



The ConXL System addressed CoreSite’s need for a robust, long-span steel data center frame delivered cost-effectively and with increased speed to market. Although the ConXL System was utilized in the main frame of the structure, the ConXR System was also used on the roof to support cooling towers and for framing the canopy located in the building’s lobby. The structure also features a louver support frame using our elevator guide rail and roof screen details. The 90-foot columns were fabricated, shipped and erected at full-height which is both more time and cost effective. ConXL’s inherent lack of shear walls and bracing allow for a fully open and reconfigurable floor plan which provides ultimate flexibility for mechanical system routing and future upgrades.

Image credit: DCM Designs



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From the GC, Matt Construction: CoreSite Phase II
From the Architect, DCM Designs: Santa Clara Data Centers

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The ConXL 400 System is an ideal structural solution for data centers. To discuss a potential project, contact our team at

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