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With ConXtech, the construction industry can predictably build faster, safer and more efficiently.

ConXtech is a new kind of company in the building industry, delivering a comprehensive suite of products and services for our clients.

We are a technology company at our core. ConXtech’s unique design is made possible because we combine end-to-end integration with a significant technological and design innovation investment. ConXtech’s patented technologies and related fixturing enable fabricators to achieve unprecedented speed in lean-inspired repeatable processes with precision tolerance and impeccable quality. The result? A perfect fit in the field.

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ConXtech, Inc., a turnkey structural steel subcontractor. We design, fabricate, deliver, and erect structural steel frames across all commercial sectors. Our technology combined with our prefabricated modular product allows us to deliver unprecedented speed with unparalleled safety to projects. Our reach expands across the U.S. and globally.



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Progressive Collapse Resistance

With the ConXTM System, the key stakeholders now have the option of specifying a structural framing system that will carry gravity, wind and seismic loading and, at no additional cost, also provide resistance to blast and progressive collapse, all in one efficient structural framing system. The innovative and highly robust ConX framing system provides a cost effective and easily configurable biaxial moment frame connection that also provides blast and progressive collapse resistance.

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4 Trends in MOB Design and Development

The Medical Office Building (MOB) is quickly becoming the fastest growing building solution in Healthcare construction. As healthcare models adapt, so do emerging trends in MOB development, affecting every type of program and provider. This white paper will highlight best practices in design and development as presented by those who bring decades of expertise to the conversation. Click the View Now button to see trends!

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Engineering For Speed

How much faster is a ConXtech implementation than traditional steel erection methods? ConXtech analyzed project data from the last 15 years of erecting the system, and then compared that data with that of average steel erection speeds on similar projects erected in a more traditional fashion. By comparison, on most projects steel erection using ConXtech was 3-5x faster than a comparative steel erection using traditional means, with the greatest differentiation on buildings of greater than two-stories.