Project Details

square feet
days to erect

Project Narrative

This 102,000 ft², three-story commercial office will be the new CoastHills Credit Union Headquarters in Santa Maria, CA, the heart of California’s Central Coast. The design includes a new branch location, corporate office space and a 300-seat auditorium and meeting space. This building is designed to meet LEED Silver certification standards.

The long, brace-free spans afforded by the ConXL 400 System gave ample space for the tall ceilings and large, voluminous space in the first-floor auditorium. Additionally, the ConXL 400 columns provide an ideal structural solution for a unique feature: three-lanes of drive-thru ATMs, tucked neatly under the side of the building.

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This project has a ConXL 400 chassis:

Lower & Locking™ Connection

ConXL 400

Height & Assembly Speed

  • 2 to 10 Stories

  • 10 to 15,000 ft2 per day

Design Parameters

Column Size 400 mm (16″ HSS or Box)
Beam Depth 18″ to 30″ for SMF, deeper for OMF
Beam Spans 18′ to 45’+